Covid-19 Update

We continue to follow the BC health guidelines regarding COVID-19. We are again at full occupancy at the Lodge and Hermitage locations.

For the safety of all, we ask everyone coming to Rivendell to be fully vaccinated. Masks are required to be worn in all common areas, i.e. everywhere except in your bedroom.

If you are feeling unwell, have been in contact with a COVID positive person in the last 14 days, or have travelled outside of Canada please wait before coming. Rivendell is not a place for quarantine or self-isolation.

A New Vision for The Rivendell Way

Though we have not been able to welcome as many as usual during this pandemic, the community of Rivendell has not been dormant. We set our intentions to discover the evolving retreat needs and spiritual longings of the past, present and future retreatants. We have discovered the Spirit is breathing something beautiful into being that we would like to share.

The visioning process led us to clarify our purpose outlined in the document Making a New Thing which you can read here.

there is an invitation and an adaptation

You are invited to become a part of this vision as a Friend of Rivendell, remaining connected to the community and partnering with us contributing to our work in the world.

The adaptation will include increased offerings of Rivendell programs. We will continue to offer space for individual retreats however it will impact the number of group retreats that we will be able to accommodate at the Lodge.

We look forward to journeying with you into this new vision.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact Rivendell about any matter other than requesting a retreat, please email or phone 604-947-0077. Our mailing address is: PO Box 402, Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0, Canada.

Booking Request Only

A retreat may be requested for all five of our sacred spaces: The Lodge or the Cottage (both at the top of Cates Hill), the Hermitage (on the far end of Bowen Island), the Writers Retreat (on Cates Hill just above Snug Cove), or Listening Post (downtown Vancouver). The Lodge is available for both individuals and groups. The Hermitage is primarily for individuals but can accommodate a small group. The Cottage is primarily available for respite, with a particular focus on families or individuals in need. The Writers Retreat is available for creative activity for a single booking of up to 3 individuals. The Listening Post is available only for day retreats for small groups.

Retreatants are encouraged to respect Rivendell`s core values and practices of prayer, silence, simplicity, hospitality and social action, and to embody some or all of these values and practices.

Our sacred spaces receive a high volume of retreat requests. Before sending the following booking request, we encourage you to email to explore availability and suitability of retreat request. Hermitage and Cottage booking requests, and individual booking requests for the Lodge, will be dealt with as they are received. Group bookings for the Lodge will be reviewed and processed twice a year. Booking requests for the Writers Retreat will be sent to a review group specific to that site for decision based on their criteria.

Location Requested Lodge    Cottage    Hermitage
Writers Retreat Application Form
Listening Post
Have you confirmed availability by phone or email? No   Yes
First Time at any Rivendell location? No   Yes [If yes, please tell us how you heard about Rivendell in the details section below]
First Time at requested location? No   Yes
Retreat Type Personal   Group
First Name
Last Name
Group Title (for group retreats)
Arrival Date  (mm/dd/yyyy)
Departure Date  (mm/dd/yyyy)
# Persons
# Rooms Requested
Details (max 500 characters) - [for first time booking at the Hermitage, please describe your experience with silence and solitude, and provide references for appropriateness to site]